The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Flyout to Croatia! 28/04-02/05/2005


Sitting in HQ (Dog and Partridge), just after Xmas, we looked at the year ahead.

What would we do?...Where would we go?...

We already had several weekends earmarked for Royal Aero Club events,

but needed to identify some real flyouts for the Monkeys.

'Let's go to Croatia', Mitch suggested

OK then...lets go...The weekend of 28th April (a long one!) was chosen.

With work committments leading up to the trip, it was starting to look like the trip wouldn't happen.

G-SE sold, The Partenavia was in bits, No group planning had been done.

Then two days before going, it all came together....only to nearly come apart on the day of departure!

Click on each DAY below....

DAY 1 - 28.04.05 - VENICE

DAY 2 - 29.04.05 - LOSINJ

DAY 3 - 30.04.05 - SPLIT

DAY 4 - 01.05.05 - LYON (THE WAY HOME)

We departed from Losinj & planned to make Cannes for the evening,

but whilst we were approaching Cannes we had a weather repot that it was fogged out!

We were overhead Albenga airfield at this time so we decided to put down there & come up with a plan.

We decided to re-fuel the planes & file a flight plan for Lyon.

We were airbourne again quite quick & had some friendly Air traffic controllers en-route

that let us take up a more direct route than planned.

We landed at Lyon & the receptionist found us a Hotel in the town & a taxi to take us there!

After a full day's flying a well earned meal & drink in one of the many restaurants in the town.

DAY 5 - 02.05.05 - THURROCK

After a good night out in Lyon, next day we all arrived at Lyon Bron airfield

& departed to Le Touquet for coffee & fuel.

Whilst there we called ahead to HQ (The Dog & Partridge)

to book a table for us for a nice Sunday Roast dinner! Then departed to Thurrock.

We were done with taking photos by now, but we had a great meal to finish of our excellent trip!