The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Cranfield - 21/02/2004

Why Cranfield?...To visit Mark, a new member of the group. 

What does Mark fly?.....Choppers!

So to Cranfield the Flying Monkeys went - minus Rhys

(who couldn't drag his arse out of bed).

Rob and Dee go over the route and Frequencies in G-BN

Vis was poor in Haze

G-MB in Tow  - Rear and Starboard

Established on Finals at Cranfield

Landing 04

Landing is NOT cheap at Cranfield - £26.37 in the G-BN (C177)

So its more expensive than Norwich, Southend, Ostend,

Le Touquet, Antwerp, Jersey, Alderney and even Lydd!

...and you only get two hours parking thrown in!

The Tower (where you get mugged!)

We met up with Mark at Patriot Aviation and assisted in

wheeling the Jetranger out of the Hangar

Paul checks his stubble

It was a little too windy for Mark to take us by himself, so while we were waiting

for Jim (Mark's Instructor) we took a look round the Patriot Aviation Hangar.

Paul & Ted inspect the R22

Paul gets his Platinum card out

Pete shows Mark (Left) around G-MB

Jim was now available, so Mark commenced his Pre-Flight, while we watched.

Its not like your Lycoming Ian.......

                        Ian & Kate in the rear                                           Starting Up


Lift Off

1st Sortie Away

1st set of Monkeys disembark                          2nd set of Monkeys boarding


                            2nd Lift                                           Rob looking for his mirror


Final Sortie                                             Paul on a 'wind-up'


Today's Flyout - Notice our Special Fluorescent Tabards?

Many Thanks to Mark, Jim and the folks at Patriot Aviation for their hospitality.