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Courchevel: 21 - 23/08/09

We had not been to Courchevel for a while so decided that it would be a good time to visit for the weekend.

So we loaded up G-KIMK, G-BEBN & headed for Troyes in France (to re-fuel). 

G-BEBN at Troyes, re-fueled & ready to depart to Chambery

G-KIMK crew heading back to the plane

G-KIMK re-fueled & ready to depart to Courchevel, drop off passengers,

collect Alex (flight instructor) & fly into Chamberey to meet up with G-BEBN crew.

Graham: Are you sure this is the right way Paul?

Rob, Graham, Paul & Helen in G-BEBN

Approach into Chambery

Short final into Chambery

Alex on board in G-BEBN for the short hop in to Courchevel

Short final into Courchevel

G-BEBN landing at Courchevel

G-KIMK (C177D) & G-BEBN (C177B) at Courchevel

Then it was off to the Restaurant for dinner with Alex

The next day we asked Alex to take us for a trip around the mountains to see the Glaciers.

The views were fantastic!

We flew 'loose formation'. Alex was our guide.

 G-KIMK following

G-BEBN flying over a Glacier

Even the view from the hotel balcony was amazing

We departed on Sunday afternoon & dropped into Le Touquet to clear customs

& have lunch before returning to Thurrock!

Downwind at Le Touquet, it was really busy there!

Short final into Le Touquet.

Another excellent trip.

Thanks to Alex for making it all possible, lending us his car & organising just about everything!

If you go to Courchevel you must fly with the Aeroclub des Trois Valees