The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

1000nm Beer Run!

In light of our recent departure from Air Racing, we re-named the '1000nm beer run' to

'Ex-handicappers & Ex-competitors beer trophy flyout'

The plan was to fly to Palma in Mallorca to visit one of our fellow airrace pilots, Gabrial.

Gabrial flys over to the UK in his Jodel aircraft (at average speed of around 100Knots)

every year for the Air racing. He is the Chief Air traffic controller at Palma International airport.

However, we decided that we should visit some people Murcia!

Not quite en-route but we love flying!!

Mitch, Paul & Rob departed Thurrock in the P68 at 07.00 Thursday morning to fly to

Tatenhill to pick up Dave, then on to Bristol Filton to pick up Martin.

So two hours flying around the UK before we were heading South to Spain!

Our destination was to be Murcia but we were refused entry & overnight parking due to traffic.

So we landed at Alicante & rented a car to drive to Murcia!

Dave Flying

Martin flying

Mitch & Martin ready to go!

Paul, Rob, Dave & Martin at Son Bonet airfield, next door to Palma International.

The statistics are: Nine takeoffs and landings. (It is always good to have these numbers the same).

Tatenhill, Filton, La Rochelle, Zaragossa, Alicante, Palma Son Bonet, Limoges, Tatenhill for the second time

and finally Thurrock.

2280 NM and about 17hrs of IFR flying. (if we count the car trip to La Manga it makes it 4867nm).

Highest altitude attained FL110. (11000ft). Longest leg over water 200nm.

One vectored ILS at Filton, one procedural ILS with circling approach at La Rochelle,

one ILS from 22 DME arc at Alicante, one radar vectored ILS at Limoges.

One personalised SID (standard instrument departure, courtesy of Gabrial)! from Palma.

One unique backtrack after landing on the runway used as a Space Shuttle alternate in Zaragossa,

to avoid the arrester rope!

Unfortunately we have no data on number of beers as it appears that competitors forgot

to switch their counters to 'ON' before start. 

There were strong suspicions of cheating as some competitors were well ahead - but they were quashed was all down to pure experience.

Secret aerodynamic testing on the streets of Palma by some competitors was also disregarded.

Octagon patterns were performed by all competitors but mainly on the way back to the hotel!

We departed Son bonet on Sunday morning & were in HQ by 19.30!

Too much flying, too much beer - perfect weekend!

More pictures to come!