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Cessna Cardinal Fly-in : Derby - 9th July 2006

Sunday 9th July 2006 was the first Cessna Cardinal owners fly-in.  

It was organised by David Knight & the staff at Derby airfield.

Cardinals in the USA have a very big following & being Americians thay organise regular fly-ins all over the

country, so David decided that it was time to have a fly-in over in this country.

The cessna 177 Cardinal is quite a rare aeroplane (for one reason or another),

 so everyone was very enthusiastic to attend the first fly-in in this country & meet with other Cardinal owners.

Paul, Graham & Rob just had to fly up to Derby in G-BN (Cessna 177B Cardinal),

one of only Five fixed gear Cardinals in the UK. The weather wasnt looking great. 

A quick call to Derby airfield before departure comfirmed that it wasn't great there either

...15knot gusting to 27knot winds.

Not to be put off by this G-BN took to the skies with Paul & Graham up front.

The weather was windy but quite clear at Thurrock

& passing over North Weald at 1400ft was not a problem. There was 'no reported traffic to conflict'!

Then came the lower cloud, around 1500ft.

It became patchy passing Luton, then totally clear further North. 

The airspace around Derby was a bit busy, so it was follow each one into the circuit.

G-BEBN in the cardinal line up. People had come from all over Europe - not just from the UK.

There were about 18 aircraft in total, a good turn out for Cardinals!

The different nationalities of aircraft, Hungry, USA & British! The event was organised really well.

Everyone got together & walked around the planes whilst the respective owners did a short talk

on their aircraft & a bit of the history of it.

They laid on a BBQ, drinks & then a 'best looking Cardinal' competition....G-BN came 2nd!

We were then all invited into the clubhouse & the airfield maintenance crew addressed some

interesting issues with Cardinals. They look after four resident ones so they know their stuff.

It was then time to say goodbye to the people that had travelled from Europe

& for G-BN to fly back to Thurrock!

Thank you & well done to the organiser - Mr.David Knight.

Thanks to Derby airfield for their hospitality too!