The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Belgium, then Holland - 24.07.2004

Some weeks back, John and I were at the field having just washed G-NS

The heavens opened and the clouds descended.

Then a plane landed (divert due to bad weather)...A Harvard on its way to North Weald for Maintenance.

The pilot was an Extra Dealer from Belgium..Bruno van Waeyenberghe

who suggested that at some point we visit his home field -EBKT

So we did....The we went on to Midden-Zeeland

EBKT is a big Airfield with Bar and Restaurant,

but not really worth a visit unless you have something specific to do buy an Extra.

The Tower at EBKT and Flying Club


Tower at Midden-Zeeland

EHMZ is a lovely field, with good restaurant.

G-SE parked with the other visitors

One of the other visitors shared my name.

Taking off from EHMZ, the view to the West...Lakes and Boats...Lovely.

Go-on fly somewhere different!