The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Bett's 60th Birthday party at Leicester Aero Club (EBGB) - 5th /6th Jan 2008

Event: Surprise 60th Birthday Party for Bett.

Venue: Leicester Aeroclub

3 Airplanes, 14 pilots and passengers, luggage (althoigh only one night!) Champagne....oh and a mobile disco.

The largest airlift of people and equipment by The Flying Monkeys so far!.

We are gonna need a bigger plane soon...C130?

Anyhow, following some ferrying in MK and BN to/from Thurrock to EGSX,

we departed for Leicester around 1300.

After landing, some setup (disco) and ofcourse some refreshment we headed back to the hotel to change,

before returning for the party!!


The bus back to the Aeroclub - from the front

From behind....

Bett was surprised and overjoyed at the turnout and effort to make this happen.

A good time was had by all...especially the Karaoke crew!

Bet and Ted back at the Hotel

Monkeys at Hotel bar.

Paul and Dee pre-flighting G-BN

N38945 waiting for its Pre-flight.

Mitch shows two plane spotters how to fold the cover.


What was left of the party on Sunday morning....Paul behind the camera.

A short flight home and then 'debrief' in HQ.