The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Bembridge - 02.05.2004

The morning had started misty, but by 11am this had started to burn off.

Our latest member G-SIXD (Cherokee Six) headed out for Popham

with John and Ian on board.

G-BEBN headed for Bembridge as we hadn't been there before.

Phoning for PPR, we were advised that there was a free fly-in today at Bembridge.

'Blue Water' - South of the Thames

Brands Hatch


Rob and Paul

IOW - Bembridge

The Solent - Plenty of Boats Out...

Downwind for 12

Landing 12

There was a BBQ Dee and Rob had 'some' burgers

Tip: Go to the Propellor Inn on the other side of the field for grub

.......its cheaper and the plates are stacked!

Some of the other Visitors

The path to the pub goes past the threshold of the runway

Dee and Rob couldn't see any planes

The Propellor Inn

We were due to fly to Compton Abbas next to meet John and Ian

But they popped over to Bembridge instead

So..Back to the Pub!

Dee decided to verify that this was indeed an Islander...very nice too!

Ian and John getting ready to depart

Paul and Dee with G-BN