The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Thurrock - Beccles - Old Buckenham - Thurrock 27/11/04

Now that Mark has got his PPL it was time for him to break away from the 'local' scene,

so we decided to take to the sky in G-BN!

We had planned to go to Calais for the day but found that you now have to give 24hrs notice to customs there

and had left it a bit late!........ so we decided on some other 'local' airfields!

Mark, Rob & Paul climb in to G-BN, Mitch & Graham climb in to G-MK & its off to...

Beccles and Old Buckenham.

Mark flying 'left seat' in BN.........

Whilst his Dad keeps an eye on him from G-MK!

Passing Abberton Reservoir en-route to Beccles..... flying formation!

Mark flying 'straight & level'

On the ground at Beccles, Paul's off to the bar!

Overhead Boreham, where the police helicopter is kept

Mitch & Graham move in for a photo shoot!

Paul taking photos of G-MK

VFR flying.......always keep a good look out!!!!

After the famous 'Mustang Burger' at Old Buckenham it was back to Thurrock

for Mitch & Mark to do a 'formation landing' on runway 25 left & right hand!