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Trying to fly in Barbados! - 20th to 23rd June 2005

You really wouldn't believe how difficult this proved and in the end it didn't happen!!


I was vacationing on the island of Barbados with my family and friends,

but as with every destination thought I would try and get airborne.

In preparation, I had spent months trying to make contact with a flying club at Grantley joy.

Once we were there, I took a look in the yellow pages and discovered the Barbados Light Aeroplane Club.

Tel: (246) 4204359.

With glee I gave them a call only to get the answer I left a message and called 30 mins later!

I spoke with a chap called Ainsley who would pass on my details to Derek (the instructor)

and whom advised me that they had an N-reg Cherokee 140 available for hire,

but that I would need a checkout ride, etc.

So I waited... but no call came. The next day I decided to pay the club a visit (located on South Ramp of Airport)


Turn left when you see Barbados Met. Services. If you get to the Police Training Facility, you've gone too far.

Turn left at the end of the road and this is what you will see

The sign was visible from the INSIDE of the compound, which indicated that the club wasn't really operational.

Today's only visitor to the club

A membership notice to the club members....the club is owned by the members

The 140 available for rent.

I made a daily pilgrimage to the club in hope of a chance meeting with someone who flew there!

On Thursday, I met an aiport official whom advised me that no club aircraft were available for hire

as the club was undergoing recertification for flight training and so all aircraft were awaiting inspection.

Also, to fly Bajan Reg. aircraft (8P-), you need to get a three month permit (or a Bajan PPL if you prefer).

15 mins later, Ainsley and Derek turned up, but still with no committment as to when I could get the check-ride done.

I did a walkround anyway, but decided against returning.

If you ever visit Barbados and fancy giving it a go....then let me know how you get on.

To help you:

Contact Derek Gardier (Instructor) on Email: [email protected]

or the club on Email: [email protected]

(The Club Email is supposed to be back online this week!)