The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Alderney - 09.04.2004

We had planned and filed Alderney for several weekends

and now at last the weather looked good enough to go.

G-SE and G-BN were filed for Alderney,

but I wanted to test G-SE's load capability.

So myself, John, Rob and Paul piled in.

We planned to stop for fuel at Shoreham to keep within limits.

Thurrock after take-off

Crossing the Thames towards MAY - Cloudbase 1700ft

Finals 03 Shoreham - Compass works!

Shoreham charges £15 landing fee and they aren't cheap for fuel.

Lydd is a better option as you can buy the fuel VAT free if you are crossing the water.

Climbing out to the West to FL50 - above the Cloud toward CP


Finals 08

It was very quiet on the island

Hardly anyone about

We had a drink by the harbour after lunch

Obviously where all the people had gone!


Once airborne again, Rob and Paul relaxed in the back of SE

Back at Thurrock

And on to 'HQ'