The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Air Races: 29-30.05.2004

Yet again the weather looked like it might wreck the weekend, but we had planned

to go to the Air Races at Bembridge and one way or another we were going!

As it turned out the Weather was VFRable and so G-SE, G-BN and G-MK went.

G-BN flew formation with G-SE via MAY

G-SE....Light Rain / Drizzle

Approaching MAY (2000ft)...think he (Airliner) might be decending for Gatwick...

This Weekends Monkey Transport lined up at Bembridge.

Helen, Graham, Rob and Mitch


The Race Briefing - Given by Ken

The Race Fleet

Mitch and Graham go and fly the Race Circuit.

The Beer Tent Opened.


Kim's new Prescription                                          Graham, Mitch and Dee reset the GPSs


Rob opens the Champagne

The Racers lining up for the First Race


Luvvly Bubbly


Watching the Race Finish

Race Over, back to the Beer Tent

The last ones left!...Yes Really...and we finished all the beer!

Monkeys on Day Two

Practicing Formation....Monkey 5 right turn!...and your wings have fallen off!

The Schneider Trophy, This Year's Winner, The MD from Breitling and Ken..

Bembridge is home for Britten-Norman - We could do with one of these...mmhh..

G-SE and G-BN 'loose formation'...can you see the tow-line?

Flying Home Together