The Flying Monkeys

Serious Flying.......
.......Should be Fun!

Abbeville - 24/01/2004

We had Planned Abbeville before Christmas 2003

but poor weather had put us off.

With the weather looking good off we went via Lydd (to refuel) on the way out

and back via Dover

However after landing at Lydd, we were sent to the static bowser for refuelling.

20mins later we had some fuel and moved the aircraft over by the Tower.

Then Problems.......

G-AVNS + 4 Monkeys

Whilst checking the fuel drain, John had spotted a fuel leak

The fuel filter bowl had become loose.

Paul sorted it with a Multi-Tool and Screwdriver.

Then we were off - Routing via Cap Gris-Nez

After landing on 02 at Abbeville, we taxied over to the Apron and saw the above

Obviously someone with a sense of humour!

We parked and had Lunch

Monkeys walking off Lunch

Paul propping up the G-BN's wing

John (left) getting the French phrases for Backtrack, Lining Up and Departing.

Rolling on 02

1500ft heading NE toward Baie de la Somme

LFAM (Berck-Sur-Mer) from FL45

LFAT (Le Touquet) from FL45

Sun through clouds over Kent

Back in Essex