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75th Anniversary of the Schneider Trophy Air Race

75th Anniversary of the Schneider Trophy Air Race

Isle of Wight - 1st to 3rd Sept. 2006

50 planes, pilots, navigators, a cohort of race officials and supporters,

brochures, T-shirts, air displays, etc.

...the only thing that couldn't be organised was the weather!

All racers arrived on Friday, the intention being to get everyones 'Octagons' flown,

aswell as some other important data for handicapping purposes.

The weather deteriorated throughout the day and by 6pm we still had a few to process.

Whilst racers partied away in the adjacent tent, the handicappers toiled away in an effort to

produce the data and start order for the Merlin race to be held on Saturday.

 However, after race practice on Saturday, the weather was almost IMC

and the wind exceeded limits for most aircraft, so the race was abandoned.

On Saturday night a Gala Dinner was held at the field 'Black Tie'.

It was OK.

Sunday morning the weather looked like writing off the races again,

but around lunchtime the weather started to clear (still windy) and we were able to hold

the Schneider Trophy Airrace.

1st Place - Martin Kellet (above)

2nd Place - Roger Hayes

3rd Place - The boys! Rob and Paul!

Plus a new Thurrock flyer has joined The Flying Monkeys - Bob Craft (G-CX)